• Therapeutic Massage

    Therapeutic Massage

    Aromatherapy Massage Long stroke relaxation massage technique combines with aromatherapy oils will penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream to soothe the central nervous system to restore a healthy state […]

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  • Pure Body Glow Treatments

    Pure Body Glow Treatments

    This traditional Balinese and Thai body treatment is a perfect gentle exfoliating treatment for dry to sensitive skin , followed by a soothing Yoghurt Body Wash.   Exotic Coconut Body […]

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  • Body Masque Treatments

    Body Masque Treatments

    It is a combination of Body Wrap and Body Exfoliation treatments including Aromatherapy Body Massage, it finishes with soothing Yoghurt Body Wash   Avocado Body Masque Avocado is rich in […]

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